How we got here

I’m in love with being afraid.


I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated with things that scare me. The more horrifying the stimulus the more I need to expose myself to it and being a real life coward; skydiving, rollercoasters and running with the bulls simply aren’t options. Fictional thrills however are an entirely different matter. I pride myself on being a movie theater hero; I can and will watch just about anything.


This isn’t to suggest that I’m not affected by what I’m seeing; most of the time I’m quaking in my seat waiting for the next jump, bump or devastatingly painful plot twist to set my over active imagination going five alarm. We’ll talk about tips on how to disguise this at a later date. Just because I chose to bare my soul on the internet doesn’t mean I want that obnoxious frat boy two rows behind me to know I’m shaking in my proverbial boots.


So that is what I have to offer; a lifetime of experience scaring the hell out of myself for my own amusement. If that doesn’t sound appealing I’m also willing to scare the hell out of myself for your amusement and isn’t that how friendships are born?


We’ll be starting the nittty gritty tomorrow with a deeply thoughtful expose on the 10 Reasons Freddy Krueger is a Better Person than You- until then if you wish to get a better feel for what you’re looking at might I suggest the About and Bare Bones sections of this site as a starting point.


Your Humble Screamstress


-Fright Dyke


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