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Ranturday 7/23/11

Posted in general on July 23, 2011 by frightdyke

Hey Folks,

Ok so just in case you were wondering, yes I do go to movies whose goal is not to make me soil myself. Horror is just my favorite. But I do love me some non-horror moviegoing, largely just because I love going to the movies (my wallet and I will reach an agreement on this someday.Which is why today we’re going to talk about a trend in recent movie production that sets my teeth on edge.

No not that one; but have you ever seen an actor more off putting than this d-bag?

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It’s getting hot in here…please maintain all standards of public decency…

Posted in general with tags on July 22, 2011 by frightdyke

Ok folks,

So just in case you haven’t been outside, or on Facebook for the last 24 hours, allow me to enlighten you on recent meteorological developments. It’s fucking hotter than Obi’s Jigsaw encounter in this joint. It’s in triple effing digits people! I can’t be expected to give real, intelligent film analysis when I’m taking freezing cold showers bi-hourly just to avoid sweating through my Crystal Lake camp counselor polo.

And they keep getting harder and harder to find...

So today we’re going to do something completely brainless and completely subjective.

Wall Cat thinks the idea of this being different from the norm is laughable...I think Wall Cat needs to shut the hell up

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DVD Tuesday…on an actual Tuesday who knew?

Posted in DVD Tuesdays on July 19, 2011 by frightdyke

Yeah not gonna lie folks,

This week is pretty damn thin in the horror department, so it’s time for another round of ‘movies I would like to see that aren’t actually currently available to me…’

This time we’re headed into outer space with the lunar creature feature Apollo 18.

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DVD Tuesday…don’t even say it.

Posted in DVD Tuesdays on July 13, 2011 by frightdyke


Hi Folks,


Ok this time I actually have a good reason for being late on this, I’m working nights and moving house, as you can imagine this doesn’t leave a lot of time for getting to stores with normal operating hours and I just had to make sure I had one of today’s releases in my possession as soon as possible. So one late night trip through bumble-fuck Pennsylvania later and it’s 24 hr Walmart for the win baby!


Wall Cat enjoys Walmart...there are lots of cankles to be chompa'd.

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Posted in general with tags , , on July 10, 2011 by frightdyke

That’s right folks,

I am now capable of bending the laws of time and space to make it yesterday, and not like I have a job or am currently moving house- therefore it’s a special Sunday edition of Ranturday (Runturday?) and today’s is kind of a doozy.

Did you know IKEA carried time machines?

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DVD Tuesday!…Sorta…KInda…ok not really…

Posted in DVD Tuesdays on July 6, 2011 by frightdyke

Hey Folks,

So yeah technically this is DVD Wednesday but I think we’ve pretty much officially thrown all semblances of a schedule out the window here. Besides this week is just plain weak when it comes to fright flicks. (I know there’s all kinds of hype about Hobo With a Shotgun but honestly I just can’t bring myself to care, even with Rutger Hauer.) So we’re playing the anticipation game again. This time for a movie that’s still a ways off but I can’t wait.

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Amity Island Welcomes You…

Posted in general with tags on July 4, 2011 by frightdyke

Happy 4th of July folks!

Today means many things to many people. To some it’s a patriotic, nation wide birthday party; to others it’s an excuse to get drunk at a distant cousin’s barbecue, and to still others it’s just an extremely welcome four-day weekend.

To me it’s something different.

I mean it’s all of the above as well but July 4th for me has a special added significance.

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