Movie Review- Super 8

Ok folks,

So I know I’ve been promising this one for a while; which means that if you haven’t seen it yet…oh well.

As some of you may know I was really looking forward to a particular movie release this year, about two weeks ago the wait was finally over and I got to see Super 8 at a midnight showing on the night of it’s release. ( I made a deal with Bright Dyke that if I went to see X-men First Class she would accompany me) And I’ve got some good news and some bad news. But we’ll get to that momentarily…


For those of you who haven’t been to the movies in the last year, Super 8 was first heard of through a ridiculously short teaser trailer. I believe I saw it before a showing of Iron Man 2 (another Bright Dyke compromise, she was supposed to go see Piranha 3D which I believe she has yet to enjoy ::glare::) not that it matters just trying to give you folks a little context here. But either way the point is I spent a year waiting patiently for a movie that I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT.


It’s a J.J. Abrams film, which can be a very good thing or a very bad thing depending on how you feel about the viral marketing king. It was also produced by Steven Spielberg which I’m becoming quickly convinced does not mean what it once did. That Abrams said this was an attempt to pay homage to Stevie…careful tiger. Taking all of this into account I still made damn sure that I was in that theater for the first available showing.

Cute little bastards ain't they?....Bite sized


Not a single person you’ve ever heard of.

This movie is carried by about half a dozen relatively unknown child actors; and they all do an amazing job. They’re believable, funny, naïve, and just a little vulgar. Think Goonies meets E.T.(AARGH!) meets Cloverfield.

Percy- Got bitten by the acting bug when his older cousin Petey nabbed a starring role in  Abrams’ Cloverfield.





This is epic carnage...we like this




A group of friends are making a monster movie when they witness a horrific train crash, are given some vague warnings about conspiracy surrounding what was on the train, and naturally being kids forget about it until weird shit starts happening.

At which point again, naturally, being kids they are able to find the cause of the weird shit and fight it far better than any of the better informed and better armed adults around them.

Also the main character’s mother is dead and he kinda has a crush on the daughter of the man who is indirectly responsible, which his overbearing, grief stricken sheriff father kind of resents blah di blah di blah pre-adolescent angst please for the love of god let something explode or someone get eaten in the next ten seconds…

This is the expectation of epic carnage...we also like this



Ok here’s the deal, Super 8 is a very good movie, that was marketed wrong. Like so many other things lately the studios have decided to pull the old bait and switch with the trailers. Meaning that I expected a freaking epic train explosion and something off camera pulling people through convenience store windows, and I got E.T. with a kind of vaguely dark side.

In all fairness; for those of you who still haven’t seen it, this section will be spoiler heavy.


Wall Cat says spoilers spoil things


This movie was doing fine till the last…fifteen minutes. It wasn’t what I wanted; which was a badass monster movie, but it was watchable; it had an AMAZING train crash sequence and there were even a few times that the dramatic tension veered over into being marginally frightening. The creature design was great, the plot was interesting, the kids were all doing a fantastic job, the monster was eating people in occasionally gory ways, and then…..



FEEL GOOD MUSHY CRAP! And not only jarringly sudden feel good mushy crap but fifteen minutes worth of just piles and piles of trite, saccharine, oh my god my throat has a sugar burn, contrived, maudlin, mushy crap.

As soon as they go to rescue Alice I can feel the tension in my mind changing; from ‘what’s going to happen’ to ‘oh shit where are you going with this? Not there right?’. Yeah they freakin went there. I was slightly heartened by the fact that the alien (who has been tortured by the U.S. Government and is none too fond of humans) has in fact, in actuality been eating people. AWESOME.

Percy's kind of ashamed to be seen right now...his cousin Petey agreed to stand in for him.

Then it traps the kids and even I’m not optimistic enough to think it’s going to put them in Ziploc bags for interstellar snack-time. It picks up our protagonist and I could just FEEL all my hopes and dreams for this movie slipping away. Because as much as I hoped it would just bite his charismatic, charmingly innocent little head off; he gives it a pep talk about how life is unfair but you have to deal with it and this vicious, man-eating, intelligent and presumably hungry monster PUTS HIM THE MOTHERFUCK DOWN AND WALKS AWAY.


Wall Cat: falling asleep during the climax...

This is followed by a tearful reunion with his sorta girlfriend, and then a tearful reunion with his d-bag dad, and her reunion with her moron dad, and the dad’s like each other now and will let them date and get married and whatever, GAG.

Still not done.

Then the residents of this town that have been besieged by this thing for weeks watch it climb into it’s little MacGuyver spaceship, no one has a gun because the ship’s magnetic field has pulled them all away it just rips M16’s out of fully grown men’s hands. However it cannot dislodge the necklace the protagonist has been holding onto that belonged to his dead mother; it just sort of wafts gently in the magnetic breeze waiting for him to have an emotional epiphany and let it go. Which he does, which is symbolic of him getting over his mother’s death and for the love of god someone shoot me in the GODDAMN FACE!

I just watched two hours of what was a pretty decent scifi/coming of age movie and this is how you end it? With enough sugar to turn a bodybuilder diabetic?

I should've known better when they were giving these out in the lobby...


Final Thoughts:

That’s another round for you Abrams…(sigh)…yeah I’ll see the next cryptic ass movie you put out, because I can’t freakin’ help myself.


...And I still kind of owe you for all those scenes of Anna Torv in her underwear on Fringe...


Your resigned Screamstress,

~Fright Dyke


3 Responses to “Movie Review- Super 8”

  1. As I said before, it had a “Return of the King” style tiered ending. Each plot line was wrapped up at once. Personally, I feel it wouldn’t have felt so sugary if pieces were wrapped up in stages, rather than tiers. Dilute the sugar.

    Also – I have no memory of agreeing to see Piranha 3D. For any reason….

    -Bright Dyke

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