DVD Tuesday…don’t even say it.


Hi Folks,


Ok this time I actually have a good reason for being late on this, I’m working nights and moving house, as you can imagine this doesn’t leave a lot of time for getting to stores with normal operating hours and I just had to make sure I had one of today’s releases in my possession as soon as possible. So one late night trip through bumble-fuck Pennsylvania later and it’s 24 hr Walmart for the win baby!


Wall Cat enjoys Walmart...there are lots of cankles to be chompa'd.

Now normally setting foot in a 24 hour Walmart breaks about a half dozen personal rules but I can absolutely make an exception this week. There’s actually a pretty respectable crop this week anyway so we’ll do three ‘for’ and three ‘against’.




So no more stalling:


Insidious– This is what I braved Walmart for, this is simply the scariest movie I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t remember ever sitting in a theater and being so terrified that I could actually feel myself shaking after the credits rolled. Bright Dyke refuses to be in the same room as the DVD (not an exaggeration). It’s a haunted house story (sorta) but it’s so, so much more.

Insidious is insidious is insidious…:


  1. James Wan and Leigh Whannell: The last four sequels notwithstanding SAW was revolutionary and exceptionally well done, Dead Silence was an interesting and satisfying ghost story, these two haven’t disappointed me yet. I think I may be in love. Now I know that eventually our relationship is going to hit a wall but Insidious was like getting two dozen roses just because.


2.The filmmaking: now I’m not going to go too detailed on this because you can expect a full review of this flick from me sometime in the next week, but I loved everything about how this movie was presented. The cinematography, the special effects, the music (and lack thereof) everything was cohesive, everything was effective. There are a lot of haunted house movies that derail over llittle nuances that just feel ‘off’ and not in a good way, Insidious doesn’t have such problems.


  1. It’s a ghost story: I’m a sucker for them as I’ve said before. Now don’t get me wrong I love me some of the red stuff, but sometimes I want subtle, I want terror without the gore and this movie delivers in spades.


Astral Rejection:


  1. It’s rated PG-13: Normally I would say this is the kiss of death, but I have to say that I was impressed with what they accomplished before hitting the ‘R’ ceiling. But this was supposed to be a count against so I will say that I shudder to think what they could have done had they gone bigger.


  1. It’s a haunted kid movie: Not exactly breaking new ground here but an old concept done well beats a new concept with terrible execution.


  1. The Poltergeist comparisons: The people who don’t like this movie have called it a cheap Poltergeist rip off. I would argue that at no point even the first time I watched it did Poltergeist make me rather hold it for 8 hours than cross a dimly lit hallway to go to the bathroom.



Dinocroc vs. Supergator– WHY!? I mean this one’s Anchor Bay, it isn’t even Asylum…WHO’S WATCHING THESE?


Seriously people this needs to stop.



  1. It’s a giant reptile movie: So was Godzilla. That has to count for something right?
  2. David Carradine: He’s in it. That has to count for something right?
  3. It was a made for tv  movie:  So was IT. That has to count for something right?




  1. COME ON.
  2. REALLY?



Deadtime Stories V.1.– George Romero gives us his foray into the horror anthology market.


All I can say is that there SHOULD have been a teddy bear on the cover.

Tuck me in:

  1. It’s George Romero, the man who brought you Night of the Living Dead and about a hundred other shambling, rotting classics.
  2. Horror anthologies are great for giving you a story in a compact, bite-sized portion. Stories that would make thin feature length films get the exposure they deserve and for those of you with major ADD problems you don’t have to deal with all that boring exposition and plot development.
  3. With titles like “On Sabbath Hill”, “Dust” and “Gorge”, we can expect some pretty varied subject matter so this should cast a wide net with something for everyone to enjoy.


Crash Hard:

  1. I love him but Romero’s been slipping lately, the ____ of the Dead series has been increasingly depressing.
  2. Horror anthologies have a bad habit of giving you one really good story and a few so-so ones with the occasional true clunker in there. There’s only three to choose from which makes me concerned we may be going for one of each here.
  3. I have to admit I’m not a hundred percent sold on spending TV anthology money for an hour and a half of viewing.


 (REC) 2– The sequel to the highly successful Spanish import that spawned Quarantine here’s hoping for some plot resolution this time around.


Uh dude, the optometrist is your friend...

Roll Cameras


  1. The first (REC) was a great movie, it was well done, suspenseful and an interesting premise, the continuation of what was a largely unresolved plot is something I can definitely look forward too.
  2. I love foreign horror, and though the epidemic idea has been around forever it always interests me to see a non-American take on genre tropes.
  3. Plot resolution: Seriously if you can tell me what caused the outbreak in the first one I will gladly give you ten dollars.


Containment is Key


  1. Let’s face it it’s a sequel of a movie that did well overseas, this could very easily be a shameless cash grab with none of the fun of the original.
  2. Found footage movies; while I’m a fan, don’t tend to translate well in sequels. There’s a choice there that can make or break the movie. Do we drop the filim style for a classic approach? Do we tweak it to make it bigger? Did we learn anything from the feedback for the way we used it the first time?
  3. I sort of got the impression the ending of the first was pretty final, so I’m not sure where they’re planning on taking this.



So that’s it for this week, if you haven’t seen Insidious yet, turn off the lights, turn up the sound…and have a clean pair of shorts handy. I’ll give you the full rundown soon.



Your exhausted Screamstress,





~Fright Dyke


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