Prepare yourselves…

Hey Folks,


So yeah, today is kind of an ‘administration’ post, in that I’m giving you information about the blog as opposed to you know, something you might care about.


This should not have been the first thing you thought of

But bear with me.

Odds are you have noticed that it’s September, kids went back to school, the beach isn’t cool anymore, your boss returned from their four month vacation, all rites of late summer/early fall.


How we all feel inside

There is one good thing about September (apart from Fright Sis’ s birthday…) and that is that it’s only 30 days long and then, well then it’s…OCTOBER!


I would kill for some deja vu...

October is the best month in the entire damn calendar; baseball playoffs, bearable weather and of course…the debauched terrorfest that is HALLOWEEN.


I love Greenwich Village



Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, Frightmas, Horrornakuh.



It’s big people; and at Fright Dyke it is a BIG EFFIN’ DEAL.


So naturally we could not allow this unholiest of months to go uncelebrated and that is why Fright Dyke is proud to present:






31 Days                         31 Movies                       31 Reviews


Yup 31 reviews and may Jason Voorhees Trick or Treat me if I fail to deliver!



So should I tell him to be here the 2nd or the 3rd?



For those of you who don’t think this should be particularly strenuous I would like to point out that in the four months I’ve been running this little dog and pony show I have posted a positively wimpy 25 times…we’re gonna fix that.


So here’s how it’s going to work: I will watch (at least) one horror movie a day, every day and provide you with the rundown. But I can’t possibly do this on my own…


Well I could but Bright Dyke seems to feel user involvement might help my stats page look a little less like a postmortem EKG.



seriously I should have been pronounced in August


So here’s where you come in:


I’ve created a list of films; a schedule if you will, for the Horror-thon but as I’m all for the democratic process (and a recognizable bar graph) I’m going to give you the chance to alter the list.


After all; while I find writing this extremely satisfying on a deep emotional level, you’re the poor dolts who read it so I would like to give you the next six days to let me know if there are any films on the list that you don’t give two shits about or if I’ve made some kind of ghastly oversight in leaving your favorite on the cutting room floor.


There is one exception to this; the 31st is absolutely set in stone and if you can’t figure out why when you find out what it is then…well I fear for you.



In the grand internet tradition of arranging your thoughts into a weekly schedule for variety’s sake I have divvied up the Shocktober goodness into seven categories.



Supernatural Sundays- if it says ‘boo’ or has psychic powers or involves ritual virgin sacrifice, it goes here.


I dare you to blow him off for football...

Monster Mondays- creature features, classic monsters and anything that goes bump in the night.


now Mondays REALLY bite

Toss Up Tuesdays- movies that refuse to conform to any of the other six categories or even truly to the genre of horror i.e. weird shit.


or just refuse to conform period

Undead Wednesdays- Zombies and vampires and ghouls oh my!


happy horde day!

Thriller Thursdays- Psychological Horror, Serial Killers (not slashers and yes there is a difference) and head games. Only sophisticated scares need apply.


keep the chianti handy

Friday Fridays- No that is not a misprint I am dedicating an entire day of the week to my favorite hockey enthusiast.


Slasher Saturdays- All chainsaw, machete, butcher knife wielding lunatics with surnames other than ‘Voorhees’.


Hell yes there will be blood

So here’s the deal I will give you the schedule below and if you’ve got beef with any of my choices, drop me a line at or leave a comment below the post to make your voices heard. If you issue a challenge I require three things: the movie you want in, the movie you want out and why. Also note that ‘it sucks’ is not a valid argument.


And with that: on to the list!


Shocktober Horror-thon Schedule:


Saturday Oct. 1stThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre(original)

Sunday Oct. 2ndStephen King’s IT

Monday Oct. 3rdThe Mist

Tuesday Oct. 4thThe Rocky Horror Picture Show

Wednesday Oct. 5thPet Semetary

Thursday Oct. 6thUntraceable

Friday Oct. 7thFriday the 13th (original)

Saturday Oct. 8thSAW

Sunday Oct. 9thThe Haunting (original)

Monday Oct. 10thCujo

Tuesday Oct. 11thThe Ugly

Wednesday Oct. 12thThe Night of the Living Dead

Thursday Oct. 13thThe Silence of the Lambs

Friday Oct. 14thFriday the 13th Part 2

Saturday Oct. 15thScream 4

Sunday Oct. 16thEvil Dead

Monday Oct. 17thAlien

Tuesday Oct. 18thCamp Hell

Wednesday Oct. 19thZombieland

Thursday Oct. 20thShutter Island

Friday Oct. 21stFriday the 13th Part 3

Saturday Oct. 22ndA Nightmare on Elm Street (original)

Sunday Oct. 23rdParanormal Activity 3

Monday Oct. 24thThe Thing (remake-2011)

Tuesday Oct. 25thHocus Pocus

Wednesday Oct. 26thDawn of the Dead (remake 2004)

Thursday Oct. 27thSe7en

Friday Oct. 28thFriday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Saturday Oct. 29thPsycho (original)

Sunday Oct. 30thThe Exorcist

Monday Oct. 31stHalloween (original)


So this is our starting off point. Now I understand that most of these are at least popular if not classic films and that it’s kind of basic required reading sort of stuff but this is our first year doing this and I needed an excuse to cover the classics on here.


I would also like to point out that there is a possibility however slight (like if I suddenly no longer need to eat or sleep) that I may do more than 31 films. I can virtually guarantee you that there will be more than 31 posts next month (DVD Tuesday stops for NO HOLIDAY) as there is a plethora of non-film related terror going on in October.  Including but not limited to my review of the Eastern State Penitentiary ‘Terror Behind the Walls’ Haunted house right here in the city of brotherly love.


oh yeah


So yeah for those of you who have been angry about the sporadic posting…



Prepare to be sick of me.

I've been there for months



Your Ambitious Screamstress,






~Fright Dyke





***Again for those of you who wish to suggest changes to the Horror-thon line up, e-mail me at or comment below***





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