DVD Tuesday 10/4/11

Hi Folks,


So I know we’re already behind on the Shocktober reviews but as I’ve said previously DVD Tuesday stops for no month! Besides it would seem the movie distribution companies have noticed that horror movies tend to sell better around this time of year (that’s why they get paid the big bucks and I get paid…very little for something completely unrelated to the film industry) and therefore we actually have a decent crop of releases to talk about this week. Let’s go with the 1 for 1 because otherwise I will get no time at all to myself ever again.


Because if your Xbox broke up with you that would be a tragedy

So here we go!




Scream 4


Sidney Prescott and (remaining) Co. return for another go round with Ghostface in Woodsboro with her cousin and her friends injecting some young blood into the mix.


We missed you!


Ok so I actually saw this one in theaters…three times. It is amazingly satisfying, ten years after the last Scream movie and I’m still deeply attached to the characters. That being said the arrival of a whole new younger cast gives us some new fan favorites and an opportunity to return to the gory, vicious, hysterical mess that is Sidney Prescott’s day to day life.


Fuck the rules


It’s a sequel and a reboot, both at the same time…without giving anything away, those looking for hardcore blood and guts without Kevin Williamson’s witty repartee should probably look elsewhere. If you didn’t like the Scream movies there is nothing new to entice you with the fourth.


But you’re kinda dumb so we don’t care if you don’t show up.



Caeser & Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre


Caeser and Otto are two brothers working at a summer camp when the counselor’s start to disappear.


High Camp


The word ‘effete’ is used to describe Caeser in the synopsis, which makes me kind of wonder if this may not be worth it for the funny.


I’ll be in my bunk


It’s a summer camp killer movie…and probably campy… while the irony is not lost on me I think I’ll just continue enjoying Friday the 13th and Sleepaway Camp.



The Caller


A woman moves into a new apartment and due to some kind of screw up in the space time continuum begins receiving calls from 1979, from a very disturbed woman who then terrorizes her ass presumably with no intervention from David Tennant, Tom Baker or Matt Smith the worthless bastards.


(Author’s note: none of those men are in the film it was an elaborate Dr. Who reference solely for the benefit of Bright Dyke…screw it I’m leaving it in.)


Creepy for you on line 1


This has the opportunity for some really cool freakouts, I mean imagine someone is stalking you. Creepy as fuck right? Now imagine they have the ability to alter your reality and you have no way to get to them…well damn.


Hold my calls


There is also the opportunity that the uneven power dynamic is going to completely ruin the suspense, being that suspense is built on the idea of the protagonist having a fighting chance.


A Haunting in Salem


No synopsis available, I’m going to go with half naked witch ghosts terrifying someone who just moved into a new house in the witch burning capital of the world.


If I had more information I’d have something funny


Witch ghosts, probably naked…could be worth it.


I got nothing


Asylum pictures…we’ve had this discussion.



Slashers Gone Wild


A reporter stumbles upon a group of twisted killers involved in a contest. Kill as many people as you can and you get to live forever.

How had no one thought of this?


I’m really not seeing a downside here, the only way this could be better is if there were some kind of demon getting involved and OH WAIT THERE IS!


I’m not sure I want to see that much of Freddy


As we learned with Freddy vs Jason too many killers can ruin the slaughter, this is a dangerous line.


Snow Beast


A monstercicle attacks a group of researchers in Canada.


Let it snow


It’s basic primal, something is trying to eat me terror.


Get the de-icer


It’s trying to eat you in a rubber suit.





Well all right then a couple clunkers and a couple gems…just another Tuesday.



I’m going to attempt to get both The Mist and The Rocky Horror Picture Show out to you today… sleep is overrated.



Your busy Screamstress,



~Fright Dyke



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