Movie Review- The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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I’m gonna make it! Three posts in one day and we’ll be all caught up.

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And the last one for today is a doozy.


Ladies and Gentleman in honor of the first ever Toss Up Tuesday we are going with the ORIGINAL midnight movie. No it’s not a horror movie it is so much more, an homage to B-movies, musicals and just generally being strange. Ladies and Gentleman I am proud to present:


The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Fast Facts


Made in 1975 and based off of the play by Richard O’Brien. It didn’t have much initial box office success, but through word of mouth and thousands of midnight screenings, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is THE cult movie. Complete with audience participation, conventions and a video game.



The ‘plot’ is essentially that young recently engaged Brad Majors (ASSHOLE) and his fiancée Janet Weiss (SLUT) become lost on their way to see an old friend and stumble upon a bunch of aliens in drag having a party to celebrate Dr. Frank N Furter’s success in creating the perfect man.  At which point debauchery and rock and roll ensue.


Yay debauchery!




Not going to lie, even I think he's hot in this

Tim Curry- That’s right folks both of Tim’s greatest roles in one week, the iconic Dr. Frank N Furter is a transvestite mad scientist and Curry was never cooler than when he put on the fishnets and corset. He’s amazing, he is walking sex in this movie.



Barry Bostwick- Brad Majors (ASSHOLE) white bread young republican that ends up getting fucked in the ass by an interstellar drag queen. And he does a wonderful job looking both ashamed and titillated.



Susan Sarandon- Janet Weiss (SLUT) her job is to look scared and horny, she does this about as well as Susan Sarandon does anything else.


Congratulations sir you are king of the freaks

Richard O’Brien- Riff Raff, a handyman, Igor like servant. O’Brien wrote the thing so I don’t think we can really question him do you?


The sexiest actual female in the film

Patricia Quinn-Magenta, a domestic and Riff Raff’s sister (eww) pretty much here to look hot and elbow fuck with Riff Raff…she’s really good at it.


tappity tappity tappity fuck

Little Nell-Columbia, a groupie. One of Frank’s early earthly conquests and Meatloaf enthusiast.


Meatloaf...the other other white meat

Meatloaf-Eddie, one of Frank’s early earthly conquests…and dinner.






The Rocky Horror Picture Show is just fun. There’s no real analysis needed, it takes gothic scenery and B-movie tropes and throws rock music and sex in. What you get after is a messed up, barely cohesive acid trip of a good time.

I really wish I could tell you that this movie has some kind of redeeming quality to it. That the exploration of gender norms and sexuality within it are done for any other reason but to make it weirder. That’s not really true and not really false either. Given for 1975 the movie’s stark portrayal of homosexual attraction and gender fuck are novel. On the other hand Rocky Horror had such an effect on the community that it was drawing inspiration from it’s almost mutual creation.

Though we're kind of glad some things didn't catch on


Now everybody knows about the Time Warp, and don’t get me wrong it’s amazing. But I think the best musical number in the entire movie is Frank’s first song. Sweet Transvestite is a cocky affirmation of just how different Frank is and Tim Curry is absolutely working it the entire time. Seriously where the hell is Rupaul?



DON'T fuck it up



Final Thoughts


Ok let’s be serious here, we can’t analyze this movie. It’s pure pop culture, it’s famous for being famous. For the love of god people it’s just fun and it’s even more fun with other people.


Lots of other people


Rocky Horror is so much about the experience of it. I watched this movie for the first time when I was 12, (yes I was allowed to watch IT before Rocky Horror someone knows that’s fucked up right?) and I was immediately taken by how fun it was to follow the print out of the callback script I’d printed out off the internet, and then make my friends play along over and over and over again. My best friend and I still occasionally do the ‘elbow fuck’ in greeting.


Don't worry we use protection

Rocky Horror is about doing something so weird in front of other people that you’re automatically friends…because you just saw each other eat twizzlers out of a drag queen’s cleavage because you’re both ‘virgins’ (ß–actual occurrence).


Movie theaters are dangerous places

And that is why this movie holds up so well, because the shared experience of it is still bonding somehow. I know so many people, particularly gay people who can tell you exactly when they first watched it and how it made them feel.



“No matter how weird I am I will NEVER top that.”








Your nostalgic Screamstress,




~Fright Dyke


2 Responses to “Movie Review- The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

  1. maturehorrorfan Says:

    Read all three reviews and I think your dad was phenomenal for allowing you to watch IT but making you wait till you were older to watch Rocky Horror. IT was the much better movie anyway. While I like most of your selections I would still cast my vote for more classics like “The Birds”, “Rosemary’s Baby” and “The Omen”. Staying on Rocky Horror, it is by far the most fun movie on your list since there’s something to be said for going to a theater at midnight with other live people, throwing rice, wearing a newspaper on your head, and shooting each other with water guns. I tried it at MIST and got thrown out, maybe I shouldn’t have dressed as Frank n Furter when I went.

    • Don’t you worry I’ll get to those too, Shocktober comes once a year every year.

      Honestly I think Frank N Furter might be the only thing that could possibly improve The Mist.

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