Movie Review-Friday the 13th Part 2

Hi Folks,


So now it’s Friday (the time is just flying by isn’t it?) so it’s time for our next trip out to Camp Blood. I give you:



Friday the 13th Part 2



Fast Facts


Made in 1981 and directed by Steve Miner. Friday the 13th Part 2 is the first sequel (shocking I know) and the very first movie ever in which Jason Voorhees is the antagonist which makes it a landmark film in and of itself.


Hell yeah bitches!

The story takes place five years after the original Friday and everything has been quiet round about Crystal Lake since Mrs. Voorhees did her Marie Antoinette impersonation at the end of the first film. So of course some idiot teenagers decide to open up a summer camp on the other side of the lake from Camp Blood. As you might imagine this doesn’t make the big guy vary happy.



For the love of god drop it and run!




She looks normal now...

Amy Steel- Plays Ginny Field, our final girl and a real standout among the Friday crew. She’s smart, competent and actually manages to play headgames with the most single minded freakishly deformed mountain man of them all.


Oh my god...dude you're so gonna get it look at the hair!

John Furey- Plays Paul, Ginny’s boyfriend and the moron opening the camp in the first place, he deserves everything he gets.


This was his big break


Warrington Gillette-Plays Jason Voorhees and does a lovely job terrifying everyone. Apart from some questionable costuming choices, Jason is still human and still frightening in this one and that has just as much to do with Gillette as anything else.





Believe it or not (and you might as well believe it since it’s true) this is the very first sequel we’re reviewing here on Fright Dyke and I have to say there are far worse candidates that I could have picked.


The horror....and not in a good way

First off let’s get something out of the way. This is the movie, more so than the original; which sets the tone for the rest of the sequels.



Step 1: Bunch of teenagers show up at the lake/ anywhere else where Jason is close by.


We'll be fine

Step 2: They get naked/high/drunk/all of the above.

We'll be fine

Step 3: Jason fucks their shit up in very inventive and highly satisfying ways.


Oh shit

Step 4: One of them runs the mutilated corpse gauntlet and then ultimately defeats Jason in the most temporary way possible.



Ok so now that we’ve got the formula down let’s get right to the good stuff. Friday the 13th Part 2 still believes in giving us twenty minutes or so to get to know the victims and let them tell their little campfire stories; but as with every Friday that succeeds it Part 2 is all about the kills.


And window cat fucking with people's heads

And seeing as the very first one is Adrienne King, getting an awl to the temple for decapitating Jason’s mom in part one; trust me plot is not an issue here, it is really ALL ABOUT THE KILLS.


Sorry babe, we can't all be Laurie Strode or Sidney Prescott, or Ripley or...


So these are my favorites:



Jeff and Sandra


Who doesn’t love some good old fashioned shish kebob? Watching Jason drive a (fake) spear right through these two idiots and then the bed is pretty damn awesome. Showing the bloody spear tip hit the hardwood as the proof gives it a little bit of class too.


Ok so this isn't the classy shot but we can't all be pretentious




Now this one is pretty simple on the surface. He gets his throat slashed with a machete. It’s the pregame that makes this one count. Suspended upside down from a rope trap for a couple of minutes beforehand makes the blood spray from the wound particularly nasty.


Oh no all the blood is rushing to my ....GAPING WOUND!




This is one of my favorite Friday kills ever. Again it’s pretty simple. Guy in a wheelchair gets a machete to the face. In this case it’s the aftermath that makes it grisly fun. With the machete still embedded in his skull, he rolls backward down not one but two sets of stairs before the freeze frame and fade out.


at least he still has his dignity




They go kind of weirdly easy on the female victims in this one there’s a lot of scream and then cut to something else moments going on and since the corpse gauntlet is sort of sadly truncated in Part 2 we’re not even sure how some of them die. (Terry bares it all and I do mean all, and we never know exactly what happens to her. I’m going to go ahead and take a stab in the dark (HA) that it’s a machete to the face.)


Also possible a hammer to the skull

Now despite lack of corpse gauntlet; the final chase scene and showdown in this one is pretty damn good. Just an hour or so after waxing poetic on how crappy Jason’s life must be (if he’s still living) and painting him as an almost tragic figure, our heroine is literally pissing herself trying to avoid him and his trusty machete. I feel that it’s worth noting at this point that Ginny is one of the few final girls I find likable; if for no other reason than she is the only person to date that has managed to effectively manipulate Jason Voorhees.


You sly wench...

The scene where she’s impersonating dearly departed Pamela in front of the alter displaying her severed head, is pure tension gold and the big guy momentarily falls for it. Enjoy it while you can sweetie.


Jason really needs to invest in some moisturizer for mother's day

Now there is one other thing we need to address here and that is Jason himself. We are not into the hockey mask yet, that’s next week. We haven’t made it to undead Jason either, that’s the week after that.


Don't worry big guy, we'll get there

Nope Part 2 is generally and affectionately referred to by Friday fans as ‘condom head ‘ Jason, the bag, the ridiculous burlap sack he’s wearing.



Now since this is still human Jason it does make the final chase somewhat interesting. For one; Jason gets kicked in the nuts…another thing that will never ever work again. Secondly is that the final jump through the window at the end- Jason’s deformed mountain man look is way more frightening than any other ‘what’s behind the mask’ reveal in the series. The latex just gets more and more ridiculous the further along we get in the camp blood saga. Also noteworthy; this is the only time we see Jason with more than Homer Simpson quality hair in the entre run of movies. So you know, enjoy it.


Oh my god it's like a walking autopsy

Final Thoughts


Friday the 13th Part 2 is a worthy successor to the original and well worth the watching, even if it’s just to see Jason Voorhees take his first steps towards slasher stardom. The kills are fun, the blood is copious and apart from some questionable constume choices; Jason is terrifying.


Enough to make you wet UNDER the bed

And on one final note. Theis is the only Friday the 13th where I am disappointed in Mr. Voorhees. I hate yappy little rat dogs…and Muffin should have gotten a machete to the fucking face.



You little fuck

All in all a 7 out of 10




Your Successive Screamstress,




~Fright Dyke





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