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So now it’s Monday…yup it sure is and we’ve got a real fun one on tap today. One of the best monster movies ever made:









Fast Facts


Made in 1979 and directed by Ridley Scott. Alien is another one of those movies that if you haven’t seen it you shouldn’t be allowed around civilized people. It is a suspenseful and artfully done claustrophobic terror and it launched Sigourney Weaver’s career; which is cause for gratitude enough.


I'm not saying there haven't been low points

The story revolves around the crew of the commercial space freighter the Nostromo; who ‘accidentally’ uncover a previously unknown species of alien life and find themselves fighting for their lives when one of the ugly motherfuckers ends up aboard their ship.





Your concerned face is completely justified

Sigourney Weaver- Hell Yeah! She plays Ripley the only person aboard the Nostromo who is smart enough to be allowed to live. She is awesome…that is all.


Welcome to your career defining moment

John Hurt-Plays Kane. This poor man has 172 titles to his credit and will forever be known only for the dinner scene in this movie.


No one with that much beard could ever die...right?

Tom Skerritt- Plays Dallas the captain of the Nostromo and a tragically practical man.


Shadier than a Ringwraith in debt

Ian Holm- Plays Ash the scientific officer of the Nostromo and he is majorly shady. Also for the record-it’s young old Bilbo Baggins-cue geekgasm.


Clearly you are the one I will be sad to see die

Yaphett Kotto-Plays Parker the large black mechanic and second most useful person on board.  Being badass never looked this good.

Dude we told you to stop going through the neighbors trash


Harry Dean Stanton-Plays Brett the small white mechanic, he’s pretty much just here as bait.


Way to go will just never be as cool as her

Veronica Cartwright-Plays Lambert the other and significantly less cool female crewmember, though she isn’t nearly as hysterical as she could have been.



Bolaji Bodejo- All hail the man in the rubber suit!


Because you would have totally come back for me too

Space Cat- Plays Jones the Nostromo’s resident feline and Ginger phenom.





Alien is a best of both worlds monster movie. It has all the subtle tension and atmosphere of a really good thriller and all the jumps and people eating of a conventional creature feature.


Setting is very important in any movie but particularly any movie set in the final frontier. Space is isolation and the Nostromo is essentially a labyrinth without an exit. It’s a warren of corridors and ventilation shafts and cargo holds brimming with equipment and places to hide.


Above: flying coffin

The film is very dark and this adds a wonderful element of ‘did I just see that or not?’ kind of fright.


The creature design is astounding this movie has been out long enough that the alien is well known, but when it was made there was nothing that came before it that even remotely resembled this thing; in any of it’s three separate and equally terrifying forms.


Got yer nose!

Face Huggers are iconic now just as much as their fully grown counterparts. You know the ones with the tiny mouth inside the mouth that’s already full of sharp teeth and the things nightmares are made of. I mean this thing looks like a velociraptor ate a piranha and then went into a goth phase.


This is an orthodontist's wet dream

Even though there are definitely moments in this where it is laughably obvious that it’s a guy in a rubber suit, it’s still pants shittingly scary. That takes some skill.


There are (and there always seem to be don’t there?) three great scenes in this film:


  1. The dinner scene


He'll be fine

Okay come on I mean it’s a classic. How can you not be terrified watching John Hurt flail around like a grounded fish having a stroke; while the other crewmembers try in vain to help him? When the chest burster finally emerges there’s some wonderful gore and a great moment where it looks at each of the crewmembers in turn. Before scurrying off like a demented field mouse.


Imma cut yo pretty face


  1. The air ducts


Sometimes just looking like Indy isn't enough

Now this is one of those situations where you just know it isn’t going to end well from the word go. Dallas is clearly expendable and the minute he straps on the very impressive but ultimately ineffective flamethrower; you just know he’s going to get it.


There’s some great tension created with the motion detector in this sequence. Inadvertently leading him right to the damn thing, I’ve seen this movie a dozen or so times but I still jump everytime that thing comes lunging out of the dark.


Jazz hands!


  1. Mostly naked beatdown.


So Ripley and Jones the cat are on their way home, sort of, hopefully, we’re winging it; when Ripley makes the startling discovery that the alien has hitched aboard disguised as machinery Ripley in theory should have been able to recognize wasn’t there before.


Of course she only realizes this after she’s stripped down for hypersleep.



Sucks for the alien who got handed it’s own ass by a woman who isn’t even wearing pants…but it’s kind of awesome for us huh?



On top of all the Xenomorph hijinks you throw in a homicidal conspiracy robot/Bilbo Baggins and all of a sudden you’re wondering if Ripley’s got a shot at all.

Judging by this I'd say her odds are pretty good

But the reason this character has a hero cult is because no one is more badass than Ripley, particularly not tiny mouth breathers in rubber suits. So suck it future alien overlords!


No really...she will fuck up your shit

This is one chick you just shouldn’t fuck with.



Final Thoughts


Alien is a suspenseful, atmosphere fueled ride. It has everything you could want: a great setting, good story, innovative and frightening creature design and Sigourney Weaver in her underwear kicking some serious ass.


All in all a 9 out of 10


Your face hugging Screamstress,



~Fright Dyke


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  1. FrightBro #2 Says:

    I would just like to say that Heartbreakers was an awesome movie…. loved the review by the way =)

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