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So today we’re going for another recent favorite of mine. I expected schlock and I got gold with:








Fast Facts


Made in 2009 and directed by Ruben Fleischer, Zombieland is my favorite entry in the budding zombie comedy genre. The fact that it delivers on some actual scares as well as the laughs makes this one really stand out.


Though the laughs do win out

Our story centers around a group of four survivors and their experiences trying to live in a world that has been overrun by people who are afflicted with a strain of something akin to mad cow disease and are behaving very much like the undead.




Stop changing how my new feed works

Jesse Eisenberg- Plays Columbus, our hero/narrator and kind of a loser. Eisenberg’s typical deadpan performance actually lends itself pretty well to this and unlike Michael Cera he actually manages to be funny and more than a little charming.


I hate Kansas but I can make an exception

Emma Stone- Plays Wichita, a smartass, capable con artist and a girl for whom the dating pool has dwindled enough for her to consider Columbus as an option. I love Emma Stone and she really shines in this movie, she’s very funny with some suitable badassery.

Oh shit his shirt must have been laced with PCP


Woody Harrelson- Plays Tallahassee a badass who has been taking out his anger and loss issues on the zombie population. He’s hysterical and incredibly endearing.


Best thing about the zombie apocalypse? No more drinking age.

Abigail Breslin-Plays Little Rock, Wichita’s younger sister and partner in crime. She’s really perfect, especially in scenes where we’re reminded that yes, she is in fact still a little kid.


There is also a super cool cameo in this movie but I don’t want to ruin it. So if you haven’t seen it yet get to it.


It's Bill Murray


You’re an asshole.





I know that this is borderline blasphemous but; I didn’t really like Shaun of the Dead all that much. It’s funny in parts and suitably gory but I’m getting really bored of the new ‘morons vs zombies’ subgenre it spawned.


This makes more sense

Zombieland is a little different in that it is much more a character piece and that’s something I really like about it. You actually like the humans for a change.


Really how could you not?

Since this one is sort of a mixed bag we’re going to go with three top sequences.


  1. The rules


Most of the zombie mayhem in this film is told through cutaways with Eisenberg narrating. One of the best recurring schticks in the film are his set of survival rules including but not limited to Cardio, Seat Belts, Limber Up and my favorite: Double Tap.


Rule number one: they can go to bed as late as they fucking want

All of these are done with amusing title graphics and action sequences, watching a fat guy get run down on a football field or a lady getting her ankle bitten through. It’s dark humor folks but it’s certainly done right.


Faster fatty!



  1. Getting duped in the supermarket


This is the first time we meet Wichita and Little Rock; immediately after some pretty hilarious zombie thrashing during Tallahassee’s quest for a Twinkie.


Snowballs: he does not like them

The situation is presented and acted entirely straight faced. Little Rock has been bitten and Wichita asks the boys to give them ‘a way out’. It’s actually kind of heartbreaking and Stone and Breslin do a really great job selling it for all it’s worth. This is why I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I was extremely relieved when Wichita turns the gun on our two intrepid rescuers and robs them at gunpoint.


Your mugger will not look like that

  1. Tallahassee kicks everything’s ass


You will never be as cool as him...never

Woody Harrelson-Action Hero. That’s not something I ever thought I would see. But the battle sequence at the end of this movie is nothing short of epic. He’s shooting zombies; on a rollercoaster, hanging by one hand to the moving car of a Sizzleresque ride and finally from the confines of a tiny, flimsy game booth. Seriously there must be a hundred corpses by the time he’s done.



Apparently all you need is Tallahassee and a gun


Now those are all well and good but I want to make a brief note of something I realized only recently; while engaging in feminist discourse with Bright Dyke. (actual conversation about feminist things…perverts)


Uh...I'm of age Bigby

Zombie movies tend to be kind of sexist. Not in a lack of women but, with very few exceptions(Resident Evil) the girls tend to be support characters and love interests and leave the zombie slaying to the menfolk.


Yeah sorry guys they suck like that

Even though Zombieland has two strong, smart female characters, they are only shown killing zombies once and frankly they’re kind of bad at it.


Above: being bad at it

When you compound this with the fact that Wichita and Little Rock making a boneheaded decision leads up to the climax of the movie; I mean come on here.



Said boneheaded decision also leads to this...which makes it the worst decision EVER

Ok rant out of the way, this movie is very funny. The characters are quirky, the dialogue is witty and smart, the actors have really nice chemistry and comedic timing. Any time Tallahassee and Little Rock are talking to each other is pretty much gilded time.


Mostly they fight over who's not touching who

Final Thoughts


Zombieland is a smart, funny movie with some major action and gore sequences mixed in. if Zombie movies really scare you, you might just get a few jumps out of it, but for more hardened fans this one is just straight up fun.


it's like undead Loony Toons


All in all an 8 out of 10






Your backseat checking Screamstress,




~Fright Dyke


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