Movie Review- Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives!

Hi Folks,



We’ve come down to the final weekend in Shocktober which means our very last Friday Friday, I know you’re all heartbroken but we’ve saved one of the best sequels for last:






Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives!



Fast Facts


Made in 1986 and directed by Tom McLoughlin Part VI is the return of Jason Voorhees after the sequel that dare not speak it’s name- Hallelujah!


You did one without me? What are you retarded?

Our story centers around the returning protagonist of number 4 our one and only final GUY Tommy Jarvis. He’s come back to Crystal Lake (now called Forest Green) to dig up and burn the body of Jason Voorhees to give himself some closure. Thanks to a freak lightning storm…well let’s just say he screws the pooch on this one.


Yeah you're gonna wanna go ahead and leave that alone...




I really wish I could care about you

Thom Matthews- Plays Tommy Jarvis; Jason’s nemesis and supposedly our hero…but who the fuck are we kidding here? We started rooting for the big guy long ago.


He's 7 feet tall how the hell are you going to miss?!

Jennifer Cooke- Tommy’s love interest and daughter of the local sheriff Megan Garris is also one of the counselors at newly reopened Camp Forest Green…yup you guessed it they moved the headstones but left the bodies.


Yeah that's not going to help you


David Kagen- Plays Sherriff Garris apparently the only competent cop in the history of Crystal Lake…not that that’s going to help him any.


The One who breaks the chain...will play Jason Forever

C.J. Graham- Gets the nod as the big guy in this one. While not my favorite Jason he comes in a close second.






You’re not in this one for plot are you?


I mean are you stupid this is the fifth sequel here!


Shut up and enjoy the top three kills.



  1. Allen Hawes


It’s the first kill of Zombie Jason of course it gets on the list! He rips the guy’s heart out( literally) through his back and chucks it away. Then Tommy runs like a little bitch.


Yeah he's had a lot of time to think up new shit


Because that is how awesome zombie Jason is.



  1. Nikki


This one is actually pretty well set up as well; driving like hell to get out of the creepy woods in an RV (Alice Cooper on the radio was a particularly nice touch) she’s screaming for her boyfriend to help her but he’s too stupid to notice the fact that there’s a seven foot tall undead corpse in the RV with him.


Nikki however is aware


At which point Jason slams her face so hard into the wall it does this:


Physical impossibility fun!


I LOVE this movie.



  1. Sissy


Sissy gets one of the more violent deaths in this one, for Part 3 we talked about the patented Jason head crush and we get that in this one too (officer Pappas) but we get a slight variation with Sissy that is just too cool for words.


Not that I won’t try, he twists her head all the way around and off like a bottle top.


Linda Blair did it unassisted





Now obviously there’s stuff to talk about here besides the kills, there is the appearance of zombie Jason which may be the best incarnation of Jason ever seeing as he doesn’t get knocked out as much leaving room for lots more machete hijinks.



The acting is essentially a non-issue no one is here for any purpose other than getting dead.


Own it guys

Jason is finally the all powerful killing machine we know and love and really isn’t that enough?



They try to build some tension with Tommy being a suspect but all it really does is buy the big guy some more time for the gorefest…honestly you’re kind of glad Tommy’s in jail there’s about half an hour worth of blood in this thing that wouldn’t have been there otherwise.


Thank you justice system

This movie is supposed to be funny in places: the paintball players and the first ever time we see actual KIDS at camp are the best examples.


Comic relief can't save you



But shutting your eyes REALLY tight gives you a shot


Final Thoughts


The big guy lives and we couldn’t be happier. This is pure unadulterated bloody fun so sit back and enjoy.



Find a comfy hole




Your celebratory Screamstress,




~Fright Dyke


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