Movie Review- Paranormal Activity 3

Hi Folks,


All right I think I’ve given you enough time to see this one and I mean Jesus if you weren’t one of the 20 million or so people who went to see it last weekend, I can’t help you. It’s Supernatural Sunday and it’s:



Paranormal Activity 3



Fast Facts


Made in 2011 and directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. We are treated to yet another prequel to the 2009 low budget hit.


Our story this time around takes us all the way back to 1988 where sisters Katie and Kristy face the demon for the first time, along with their mother and her boyfriend who’s a wedding videographer and therefore felt the need to leave us this footage.





To think you'll grow up to be everyone's waking nightmare

Chloe Csengary- Plays Katie this time around and does an amazing job, honestly the kids really carry this one and kudos to them for being able to handle this thing. We ask a lot of them and they deliver completely.


Seriously she deserves a tiny Oscar for this

Jessica Tyler Brown- Plays Kristy and is really again, just a fantastic little actress, she’s seeing a lot of things that we’re not and she sells it really well.


Don't worry you'll make it

Lauren Bittner- Plays the girls mother Julie and does a nice job with a part that could have really been awful. It’s the wife’s turn to be the skeptic this time around but she manages to make it likable, something her predecessor’s frequently failed to do.


I don't know dude you're taking a major risk with that much beard

Christopher Nicholas Smith- Plays Dennis, Julie’s boyfriend and surrogate father to the girls. If there’s any character you feel utter sympathy for in this flick it’s him. His interactions with the kids are particularly good.


It's all right hon I still love ya

Katie Featherston- is back in some stock footage from the first two but it just wouldn’t be an Activity without her.




Paranormal Activity from the beginning has been all about the jumps. Using the found footage style to creep up on the audience and force them to be looking exactly where they don’t want to be. Point of view is so important to this franchise and that’s trebly important to the third installment.


Almost as important as endangering little children

Now since this is brand new and giving away the jumps would be nothing short of sabotage we’re going to talk about three things that are new in the third one.


  1. The moving camera.


Now this isn’t the same as previous paranormals; we’re not talking about someone carrying the thing around. A stationary, slowly panning camera (done brilliantly with a jury rigged rotating fan) gives us the goods this time around.

Dude that's fucking awesome


Now while this doesn’t sound terrifying I want you to realize that you are essentially aware that something terrifying is just to the left of your field of vision; being forced to look just to your left might be the worst thing possible no?


This trick also eliminates the need for quick cut editing to set up surprise scares where you actually see something coming. Which is an essential set up for this series.


  1. Let’s get physical


Now everyone knows by this point that if they ever reveal what the demon looks like in this thing it will be the biggest mistake they ever make. But they found a way, not once but twice in this one to show us where the demon was without letting the cat out of the bag. (That’s not to say they only did it this way…ha ha I’m not telling)


He's going for a classic sort of retro look in this one

This is a big deal because you can set up scares in this one; which would have been significantly harder to accomplish in the two previous installments.



  1. Getting to know you…


Now I’m still not entirely convinced this is a good thing but our antagonist this go round has spontaneously developed a personality and a name. We are introduced to our old friend through Kristy, he’s her ‘imaginary’ friend and not only does that make him even more of a creeper, but we found out that he agrees with me on one very important point; unbelievable frightening things should have goofily mundane names.


Apparently the terror of our collective nightmares is tall, doesn’t like to be called fat has chicken feet (first one) and his name is…





So ya gotta figure he looks something like this

Now this movie has been getting very good reviews and a lot of people have been saying that it’s the best of the three. I have to disagree.


Don't worry guys it totally wasn't you

It was good, it had me crapping myself. But I have to admit I am pretty disappointed with the ending. Not in the ‘it didn’t live up to the rest of the movie’ way; it’s frightening and intense and frankly I didn’t see about 30% of the screen for most of it. The problem with this one is after two movies worth of mythology we’re taking the plot somewhere I’m not sure that it should or really can at this point go.


Toby is scarier without an origin story and only people who absolutely need to have the plot spoon fed to them like the ending that wraps things up neatly.


I don’t go to this thing for the story people I want to scream.

Don't will


Final Thoughts


Paranormal Activity 3 is a frightening if not wholly satisfying follow up to ttwo of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen. It made me jump, shout and shake with aticipation but may have tried too hard to explain itself. It’s making too much money to be the last in the series however so we’ll see what happens next year.


Hopefully we're back in the new millenium again


All in all 8 out of 10




Your anxious Screamstress,




~Fright Dyke


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