Movie Review- Se7en

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And we come down to the wire with our final Thriller Thursday entry. With one of my favorite movies, a movie so good it’s practically a sin:





Fast Facts


Made in 1995 and directed by David Fincher. Se7en is a serial killer flick with a twist both in the premise and the final act that are worth the price of admission all by themselves.


Our story centers around two detectives. One a world weary veteran on the brink of retirement and the other was just handed his first homicide. (I smell a sitcom!) when their first/last case turns out to be a grisly doozy our heroes are faced with some truly horrific shit.


One's's will they ever get along



So much more than Tyler Durden

Brad Pitt- Plays Mills the younger cop and he has all the smarmy tough guy stuff down pat. He gets some really emotional scenes late in this movie and does a great job getting the point across while still keeping his reactions in character.


It seems almost pointless if you can't hear him


Morgan Freeman- Plays Somerset the not young cop, with a quiet dignity that we’ve come to expect of him. He’s also the narrator which is something he’s never done in any other film.



He’s not bad.


We know, we know you're better than everyone

Kevin Spacey- Plays John Doe. Our killer. Now Kevin Spacey is sort of creepy when he’s sitting at the breakfast table in footy pajamas eating Captain Crunch. So imagine what he’s like when that’s what he’s going for.


You're too pretty for this movie...I fear for you

Gwyneth Paltrow- Plays Mills’ wife and brings a touch of hope to the proceedings…for all of about five minutes.






Se7en isn’t really about the murders the same way that No Country for Old Men isn’t really about the drug ring. Except Se7en is a good movie and has a interesting plot and wasn’t a complete and utter waste of three hours of my life that I will NEVER EVER get back…


Also if one more guy tells me that I just don't get it because I don't have a condition is going to become aggressively contagious

It is about social and moral decay. Every character in this film remarks in one way or another that the world around them is going to shit (it gets a bit heavy handed at times but hold out for the crime scenes they’re absolutely worth it) funnily enough that’s the killer’s motivation too but it’s not like they can let the guy go around offing people just because it’s not the good old days anymore.


Not intentionally anyway

Now as you may or may not have gathered Se7en’s little twist on the whole psycho killer thing is that Doe is patterning his murders after the seven deadly sins. Choosing victims he feels are examples of these and giving them appropriate punishments (all of which strangely enough end in death, remind me to only commit the thirty two slightly maiming sins) For those of you who failed your catechism class these are the seven deadly sins in no particular order (they’re all a lot of fun why should we rank them?)



Pride (I clearly have none)


Sloth (I don’t even get paid for this shit clearly I’m fine)


Gluttony (Bulimia is not an out, but eating the amount of Ramen I do is)


Lust (well shit I’m out already)


Avarice (Greed stupid)


Envy (according to my grandmother everyone is jealous of ME)


Wrath (yeah I’m fucked…damn these Italian/ Irish genes of mine)


So as you can see the victim pool is literally limitless. I mean fuck your average Golden Retriever is guilty of at least two of these hourly.

That's him deciding if he wants to steal your sandwich or hump your leg first...


The entire movie (save one scene) is shot very dark and it’s raining constantly adding to the ‘living hell’ subtext we’re supposed to be buying into. And in a way the movie itself just by style and dialogue (and a heavy emphasis on rampant street crime) is romanticizing the murders and the murderer. This is like a fucked up folk hero tale, told from the point of view of the bad guy; it’s a novel touch on the filmmakers part.

Above the bad guys leading the hero off into the sunset


Now again there are seven grisly horrific murders in this film, and since I’m pretty sure we’ve exhausted the film’s literary value in this review let’s get to my three favorites:





Who doesn’t love this one, I mean for starters this is the first one we see so it very much sets the tone for the rest of the movie and to be frank it isn’t like they’re easing us into this.


Oh dude use a fork


This scene is disgusting, I mean he chained the guy to a chair and forced him to eat until his stomach burst…that ain’t pretty.




2. Sloth



This is another one they find…way too late.


The victim was chained to a bed and died of infections in his bed sores and from the looks of things he’s been there a while…Johnny isn’t into quick and painless here, punishment is truly punishment in these deaths.


He had Bruno Mars playing in the background too...poor bastard

The details in this movie are great and one of my favorites is the forest of air fresheners at this scene it’s implying something so hard WE can almost smell it.



3. Lust


Ok this is the only picture of this available and honestly…thank god.


Trust me


Our killer has forced this poor asshole:


Who is now Gay as Christmas


To put on a…implement covered in razor blades and…stab that poor hooker.


The feminist commentary really writes itself for this one.




I think the best thing about this movie is that I’m having trouble describing the kills to you, I mean most of them we see only after they’ve taken place and we’re left to imagine the disgusting details. This is great filmmaking it’s the whole ‘what you imagine is going to be ten times worse than anything we can show you’ thing.


Though what we show you won't be pretty

Except of course for wrath…I’m not actually going to ruin the ending for this one because if you haven’t seen it you absolutely should. Let’s just say you’ll never view UPS quite the same way again.


You said you'd be here by 3:30!

There’s a despair at the end of this movie that overcomes the pervasive despair through out this is a bleak story people don’t expect to walk into this one and get a laugh.

Unless you are one sick puppy


Final Thoughts


Se7en is one of those movies that you have to experience to appreciate. You can read about Citizen Kane and understand why it’s good without actually seeing it, Se7en affects you differently than your neighbor. Even though it’s occasionally heavy handed you can in fact watch this just for the sheer gory spectacle of it and that’s how I recommend you ‘enjoy’ this one.


Just don't enjoy it TOO much


Your sinful Screamstress,



~Fright Dyke


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