Movie Review- The Exorcist

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We’re really winding down now our last Supernatural Sunday and we really couldn’t ask for a better final fling into the further (boo yah) this has been called over and over again the scariest movie ever made; and while I loathe that title, it’s just too constricting I have to say it may have some merit for:





The Exorcist



Fast Facts



Made in 1973 and directed by William Friedkin, The Exorcist is based off of the best selling book by William Peter Blatty. This movie is the best example of religious horror and will still get most people shivering at the mere mention of it. People walked out of screenings for this.


Oh yes they did


Our story centers around Regan Macneil the daughter of movie star Chris Macneil and she has a little problem. She played with a Ouija board without reading the warning on the side about how the devil might take over your body if you play with it on a Tuesday. Her loss is our gain. When her mother finally becomes desperate she enlists the help of two catholic priests to exorcise the demon and provide anyone who has a mind to spoof horror movies with endless material.




Having kids is Hell


Ellen Burstyn- Plays Chris our concerned mother and does a fantastic job in this movie, she is the focal point for the audience, when she reacts we react and she reacts spectacularly.


He's not ominous at all is he

Max Von Sydow- Plays Father Merrin the more experienced of our two exorcists and our only real hope for poor Regan. This performance is classic for a reason.


You look a little tired...sure you don't wanna sit this one out?

Jason Miller- Plays Father Karras, our main protagonist and ultimate savior. Does a great job with some really emotional scenes early in the film and then just tears your heart out at the end.


She's so pretty...that'll change

Linda Blair- Plays Regan in what is a defining role and a genre standard. It’s incredible how frightening this little girl manages to be; I mean she completely goes for broke with it and you will never ever forget her face.


Mercedes McCambridge- Does the voice over work for the demon, Linda Blair’s voice wasn’t deep enough, and she does a great job in what is ultimately an overlooked but vital role.





The Exorcist  is a movie with staying power, both for the audience and popular culture, there are very few films who have been given higher praise than this one for being shit your pants terrifying and believe me it earns every single compliment.


There is something fundamentally frightening about a sick child, and when you replace the disease with pure evil well you’ve just upped the ante a bit haven’t you.


There are so many things about this movie that just scream for attention but I think my favorite is the theme. The music in this movie is simple, horrifying and rhythmically entrancing.


There’s really just so much but let’s get into the nitty gritty with my three top sequences.


  1. The Crab Walk


Now honestly this isn’t the scariest thing in this movie but how can you possibly deny the creep factor here? I mean does it get any more wrong than that? (it totally does see number 2)



First off, she should not be able to bend that way. Secondly she’s going too fast, thirdly there’s blood coming out of her mouth and lastly that is the most terrifying grunt in cinematic history.


If you saw that coming at you would you not instantly pass out?



  1. The crucifix scene


Yeah here’s where we get into the hard to watch but let’s face it, how better to prove you are dealing with the unholiest of the unholy than having an eight year old masturbate with a crucifix…no I’m not posting a picture.


This is one of the most disgusting and offensive (or so I’m told) scenes ever filmed. This is the one that got a lot of people who weren’t handling it well to finally vacate their theater seat and head for the hills.



And then she turned her head all the way the fuck around.


The entire audience just shat themselves and threw up at the same time



  1. Final confrontation.


This is what we’ve been building towards up to this point, the final showdown between good and evil and the final gambit to save Regan’s soul. Father Merrin has succumbed to a feeble heart and it’s only Karras, you know the one questioning his faith in God that’s left to confront the evil.


If that weren’t enough for you keep in mind we’ve just had about a half hour of this:



And this:


And this:

When he finally sacrifices himself I think the audience gets the shock of their lives in the last act of a desperate and ultimately good man; when he tumbles down those famous stairs it’s brutal and sickening to watch but it’s exactly the catharsis you need after the hell you’ve been through with him.


You'd jump too



This movie is actually physically and emotionally draining; how the hell did they do that?



Final Thoughts


The Exorcist has already proven to be a film with substantial legs, there are very few movies that can maintain the same level of terror for over thirty years. The fact that this one does is proof enough for me that occasionally the people who make up those stupid top 100 lists can be right.


How could you say no to that face?


All in all a perfect 10 out of 10



Your possessed Screamstress,





~Fright Dyke



One Response to “Movie Review- The Exorcist”

  1. maturehorrorfan Says:

    Excellent choice. This movie scared the crap out of people when it first came out and the crab walk scene was even edited out of the first release, they only added it back when they re-released. Best horror movie ever, hands down.

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