We’re going to try something new…

Hi Folks,


Seeing as we’ve been at this for 7 months now and I believe in periodically assessing what it is I’m doing wrong in all of my various pursuits. We’re going to give something new a try this week and see if it sticks.

Family reunion?



……Oh my sweet merciful God NO….




I am aware that up until now I’ve been sort of woefully silent on what is going on theatrically in horror movies. Frequently I don’t even address a film until it’s available to watch in your living room and we’re going to change that.


Welcome to Theater Thursday!

A red letter day indeed

Sort of like DVD Tuesday except that it’s Thursday and we’re talking about things that you can’t own yet.


So this week we’ve only got one new fright flick hitting theaters and it’s kind of a clunker, so since I didn’t get my ass moving on this until the third week of January…we’re going to go through everything that’s come out in the New Year and whether or not you should go see it.


Sounds good right?

We like our idea...

That’s what I thought



Underworld Awakening/ 3D/ IMAX 3D-

This is our only entry coming out this week. The fourth entry into this franchise this one takes place well after the events of the second movie. Now that humans are aware of the Vampire vs. Lycan thing the two sides may have to unite against a common enemy.


Also Kate Beckinsale’s hybrid boyfriend is missing.

Look at all the fucks I give


Don’t get me wrong; for what they are the Underworld franchise has been interesting. But they’ve never been frightening and frankly nothing about the production has particularly impressed me. This is one of those franchises that probably should have stopped after two.

Yup I said it

If you’ve got nothing better to do, it might be worth a look. But I’m gonna go ahead and say waiting for DVD might be a good idea on this one.

But just in case here ya go:





We Need to Talk about Kevin-

Ok in the interest of full disclosure this one isn’t really a horror movie per se. It’s a psychological thriller and a fairly interesting one at that.


This movie is supposed to be an examination of the ‘nature vs. nurture’ debate with regard to criminally insane children. Essentially you know; can we blame the parents or not?

I'm going with no...look at that little bastard

I love this argument just because people seem to feel like there’s an answer. But watching it play out on a movie screen may be particularly satisfying because… well it’s not like they’re making a documentary here is it?

Criminality is real world horror, particularly when your dealing with children and young adults. This movie has the potential to be extremely disturbing with downright terrifying tension. The fact that Tilda Swinton is already getting all of her par for the course rave reviews is encouraging but not nearly as encouraging as the positive critical reception of John C. Reilly and Ezra Miller who round out the family in crisis.

Then again she's not exactly warm and fuzzy is she....?

I’m intrigued, I would like to see this in the theaters…

If I could find it.

This one’s a limited release and I can’t seem to find a single theater on this coast that’s showing it. Best I can hope for is a award nomination I guess.

If you can get your hands on a ticket do me a favor and see it for those of us who can’t.

If you want to tease yourself, here have a look:



The Devil Inside-

I’ve been stupid excited about this one since I saw the trailer. The daughter of a woman who killed three people; supposedly under the influence of demonic possession; follows some vatican types along on exorcisms to better learn about her mother’s affliction. Of course none of this goes exactly as planned.

Yeah that doesn't look good

I am downright giddy for this movie, I AM going to see it this week. It’s been put off for too long

(Due to Bright Dyke’s stubborn refusal to endure a few nightmare laden nights for the sake of my having someone to go with.)

Come on...that's not weird...

So as usual I’m all for the found footage and this looks to be particularly brutal, far more brutal than say The Last Exorcism which actually I found to be a bit on the tame side. I’m hoping this one delivers on the considerable good will the trailer has garnered.

I want to be terrified and this thing looks like the best option this month to accomplish that.

THIS bodes well...

So y’know, get out there and give it a shot if you’re running even further behind than me.

Still not sold? Check out the goodwill:





Ok guys that’s all till next week. Looking at the calendar there are going to be weeks where the pickings are pretty slim. But something tells me I’ll come up with a solution for better or worse. Until next time, go stimulate the entertainment industry so they don’t throw me in jail for using promotional material to promote their films without their consent…


For real...they should pay YOU


Thanks buddy…that vote of confidence wouldn’t have anything to do with that raise I denied the other day would it?




Of course not…



Your SOPA-rific Screamstress,




~Fright Dyke







(Author’s note: there is in fact a joke in the sign off this week…can anyone tell me what it is?…)




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