Sort of random but I thought you should know…

Hey Folks,


So, this may seem a little off the wall here but we need to talk about allegiances…

Choose wisely...


Nothing huge but something I feel you should be aware of.


As I’ve mentioned a handful of times; my reality drug of choice is Rupaul’s Drag Race and I feel the need to update you on something that’s making me positively giddy right now.


You know on top of all the bitchy fun

Drag Race and horror have just collided and I think I may weep for joy.


For those of you who share my affliction and happen to be on Facebook, you may be aware that in order to drum up excitement for tonight’s season premiere, they let us grab a sneak peek at about half of the first episode of the season.




1)   The very first episode is horror themed. Including the zombie versions of former cast members making an appearance in the first twenty minutes a la the Halloween promo trailer they released back in October.

I dare Santino to say shit bout how she's dressed


If you missed it you can see the awesomeness here.




2)   ELVIRA…


yes that Elvira, ELVIRA MISTRESS OF THE MOTHERFUCKING DARK is the season’s very first special guest judge…


They're about to throw down over who has the better hair.


3)   The point of this post today and all subsequent Drag Race posts:



Meet Sharon Needles



She’s sort of a punk/goth/Burtonesque Drag Queen with a wit like a machete slicing through virginal flesh and I LOVE her after just a few promo videos and half an episode.


Oh hell to the yeah


So I would like to take a moment to officially declare this blog’s enthusiastic and unwavering allegiance to:




Team Needles

It’s about fucking time a funny freak took home the gold and we support our own here at Fright Dyke.


So go get ‘em Sharon.


We're all...


rooting for you...


Our jobs depend on it...




Don’t Fuck It Up.





Fuck the rest of these ho-bags up.





That is all.




Your Salutary Screamstress,






~Fright Dyke


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