DVD Tuesday 2/28/2012…yuh huh

Hey Folks,

Looks like I may have finally (temporarily) learned my lesson, and while it’s still late it’s on time enough that we can actually take our time with these for a whole two for two!




Beneath the Darkness– A group of teens set about exposing the local hero who murdered their best friend. Oddly enough he’s not really on board with that idea.

Dig Deeper


  1. Dennis Quaid is the ‘local hero’ in question here, despite a couple of trips along the way, Dennis doesn’t generally do bad movies.

2. It’s always interesting for the antagonist not to fall into the ‘other’ category. This brings up the credibility factor in a way that’s actually believable.

Leave it alone


  1. The credibility factor is likely to be one of the only issues in this flick, which could make for some serious clock watching in the second half.

2. A LOT of this movie’s success is dependant on how the younger actors perform and in a plot driven vehicle that can be a real risk.


El Monstro del Mar!– A bunch of beautiful girls discover why swimming is a bad idea.

Reel it in


  1. Terror from the deep = always worth a shot.

2. The word ‘vixens’ is on the cover, worse comes to worse you should at least get some eye candy in bikinis out of it.

Throw it back


  1. This movie was made in Australia, it is in English…title WTF?

2. This one smacks of exploitation, which while not necessarily a deal breaker, doesn’t bode well for El Monstro’s screen time (mate).


Insight– An ER nurse is given the ‘gift’ of a dead woman’s memories, now she teams up with the cops to try to catch the person who killed her.

Open your Inner Eye


  1. This is almost a possession story, sort of passive possession even; it’s an interesting idea.

2. The memory sequences could be a tough cinematic challenge, I love seeing how directors choose to deal with this stuff.

Inner Eyes Wide Shut


  1. Bank on their being at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted weeping from the protagonist.

2. He’ll do it like every other director does memories/flashbacks/out of body experiences etc etc ditto ditto ad nauseum…


Rabies– A group of friends in the woods discover that an ‘incompetent killer’ is holding a girl hostage. In their attempts to save her they learn why it is NEVER a good idea to be a good Samaritan in horror-land.



  1. This is the first ever Israeli made Horror film. Like for real real, far be it from me to discourage the enterprise of new entrants to the horror-verse.

2. Come on, you can’t tell me you don’t want to know exactly how incompetent that killer is.

Get your shots


  1. I’m a little concerned that the terror may not be coming from said killer, not that I don’t appreciate a good non-slasherific movie mind you. It’s just that it begs the question: what the hell is he doing as the backdrop?

2. That was really my only negative for this one, I just like symmetry; typing the number two and then words after it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.


Wolf Town– A group of teens is besieged by a ferocious pack of wolves in an abandoned town.

Bark at the Moon


  1. I may have mentioned this earlier, wolves scare the ever loving shit out of me. This should be uncomfortable.

2. The setting choice is interesting; not just for the novelty either, an entire empty town to hide in makes for lots of hiding spots and therefore lots of snarly, toothy jump scares.

Tail Between Your Legs


  1. This one faces an interesting challenge.

Humans are ok with beating the shit out of werewolves because they’re part human.

And I mean...come on

Humans are ok with beating the shit out of any animal that isn’t furry and/or cute.

Above: Not Cute

Wolves look like dogs.

Oh No! This Corgi puppy is sad! Quickly! BRING HIM BACON!

While yours truly has ABSOLUTELY no problem with the idea of watching (fictional…as in fake) Canis lupis…es get the pack beat out of them; those of you who weep uncontrollably whenever Sarah Maclachlan is on television might have a hard time with this one.

Don't let the derp-face fool you...

2. If I have a heart attack and die watching it…you will no longer have the benefit of my wisdom.

And the canine race will have finally done something right.

So there you have it; the week in on video review. Only two days late.

In other news our friend Ms. Sharon Needles is still undead and kicking on RuPaul’s Drag Race she hasn’t won another challenge yet, but she did grace us with this:


She's into bandage

And that’s why I love reality TV…in this one particular instance…and Hoarders…and Storage Wars…and Face Off…and Millionaire Matchmaker…and that one episode of Bad Girls Club





Your rambling Screamstress,





~Fright Dyke


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