Yeah…I know

Hey Folks,



So I know we haven’t exactly had our regularly scheduled programming on here as of late. But I wanted to take a short post to let you guys know about yet ANOTHER facet of horror media that I’m going to be incorporating into the content.


Meaning of course that she will mention it this one time and then you'll never hear about it again.

Wall Cat is a liar and a fraud.


Oh yeah totally, beteedubs, how's that theater thursday thing working out for ya? Or you know that DVD wheneverthehellifeellikeit? Or that 'I'm totally going to post movie reviews outside of October' thing, or those pithy little top ten lists you love so much? or 'No way Wall Cat I'd never mention your tahitian baby ma-




You can't make me, but I think it's cute that you still try.





Anyway, I recently came into possession of an e-reader. Yes I have finally risked the ire of my overstuffed bookshelves and have allowed myself to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.




Guess what comes with e-readers?


Did I hear anyone say thousands of free horror short stories and novels by both independent and established authors?


The voices in your head are kinda boring if you did.


Either way I feel like this new resource that has been made available to me should lead to direct benefit for you.


And therefore I will periodically use these resources to provide you with posts that summarize my ‘feelings’, about the works I read on my new electric death of paper media device and perhaps even suggest whether or not you should also endeavor to experience them. I believe this is colloquially referred to as a ‘review’.



Which means you'll get about three of them and then she'll forget about the whole thing for six months while she tries to become a level 40 cheese artisan in Skyrim.


I really hate you.






So yeah…good post everyone….I believe my point has been communicated successfully.






Your ‘free stuff is awesome’ Screamstress,





~Fright Dyke






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