Fright Dyke -The Revenge

Hey folks,


So yeah. It’s been a while.  I suck. I know.

Since it has been such a long time. I suck. I know. We will be making absolutely NO attempt to half ass cover what’s gone on in the genre over the last six months.  However I will be doing a DVD catch-up post some time in the next week just to cover the big guns and the ones I actually saw.


That being said I’m making a few changes. Since I’m being all bullshit responsible adult lately and have a full time job and school to contend with, it can’t be helped.


Don’t worry the five of you who read this shall not go wanting for snark.


Unfortunately Wall Cat is staying.


You’re welcome

DVD Tuesday will no longer exist, at least not weekly. Since it never really worked that way anyway this shouldn’t even really be noticeable. However, I am no longer going to cover every single genre title that comes out every week, mostly because about 30% of them I never have any intention of watching because you can actually judge a horror movie by it’s cover a surprising amount of the time.


Theater Thursdays will also most likely be condensed.  I know your heart is breaking right?


Yeah that’s pretty much it.



So basically you’ve found a way to claim you’re still doing this without doing nearly as much work as before?


Fuck you.


Anyway now that that’s out of the way….guess what…..







Seriously guys we’ve got like three days.


Or it’s tomorrow…holy shit…



And I am going to make my suckitude up to you.






In order to truly do penance for my egregious lack of existence lately I will be hurling myself and you all (vicariously of course) into the infernal abyss of the horror genre for the entire eighth month of the year.


31 days.


31 movies.




And just like last year in order to give you all the opportunity to play the home version, and just to get some feedback on whether or not you give two shits about the movies I’ll be reviewing next month…


I’m giving you the list in advance. Unlike last year however and since I waited till the last fucking possible second the list is in fact set in stone. Obviously if you think you are in fact twice as smart as I am…


If you don’t you clearly suffer from a disturbing lack of self-esteem.



….you can submit something not on the  list but understand that I probably won’t listen.



And so without further ado….






Shocktober 2012!




Monster Mondays

1st – An American Werewolf in London

8th – The Lost Boys

15th  –  The Blob

22nd – Them

29th – The Birds



Toss up Tuesdays

2nd – The Omen

9th – Cabin in the Woods

16th – Fallen

23rd – Forbidden Planet

30th – Outbreak


Undead Wednesdays


3rd – 28 Days Later

10th  – Resident Evil

17th – Serpent and the Rainbow

24th – Dead Alive


Thriller Thursdays


4th – Rear Window

11th – Oldboy

18th – The Shining

25th – American Psycho


Friday Fridays


5th – Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

12th – Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

19th – Friday the 13th Part IX: Jason Goes to Hell

26th  – Jason X


Slasher Saturdays


6th – Sleepaway Camp

13th – Scream

20th – Prom Night

27th– Candyman


Supernatural Sundays


7th – House on Haunted Hill

14th – Sinister

21st – Paranormal Activity

28th – The Amityville Horror






31st – Trick R’ Treat




Ok, that’s all of them.


If you would like to change up the schedule on me, you can let me know in the following ways. But again I probably won’t listen


Twit it: @fridyk #shocktober.


E-mail it:


Or you can be lazy and just leave it in the comments section.


Also Wall Cat is a twit: @ProfWallCat.



And Fright Dyke is a whore. @shesawhore



So yeah, I’m going to go watch a movie….and possibly murder Wall Cat.


I promise I’ll let you guys know how it went this time.




Your self-flagellating Screamstress,





~Fright Dyke.


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