I am super lame.

Yes, I realize how long it’s been.


No I don’t have an excuse.


No not even a fake kind of funny Wall Cat related excuse.

I spent some time in Prague...y'know finding myself and junk.

I spent some time in Prague…y’know finding myself and junk.


However, here we are again.

Guess what happened to me last night…because Bright Dyke is awesome.

It's not what you're thinking...

It’s not what you’re thinking…

I hugged that man last night. I hugged the shit out of Jason Voorhees and yes there’s a picture and no you can’t see it because I don’t have photoshop to blur out my face and yes I realize that makes me lame both for not having photoshop and not wanting to show my own face on my blog.

Bright Dyke bought me tickets to Monster Mania in Cherry Hill for this whole weekend, I will be writing about it. Mostly after it’s over.

A word about photos-

All of the pictures I will be posting were taken with my Iphone generally over a huge crowd of sweaty fanboys, the quality will be questionable.

If I post a non-celebrity costumed person’s photo (and I plan to, perhaps ten of them, in a descending rank system of some kind) ┬álet it be known that if you see a photo of yourself on my blog and you don’t want it there please, please contact me I will remove it similarly if you’re cool with it being here and I managed not to get your name at the time of said photo’s taking please contact me and I will be more than happy to give you credit. Granted I have assumed thus far that if you went to all the trouble to build a fully functional AT-AT costume that you want to share it with the world I also assume you want everyone to know it was you.

So that’s all for now folks, just a quick heads up that you haven’t heard the last of me just yet.

If hell is other people, than the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill NJ is the Ninth fucking circle right now. I’m wading back in.

This is one room...of two floors

This is one room…of two floors

If you don’t hear from me by tomorrow…you probably won’t be surprised, but know I was probably killed for not holding my goddamn wrist band high enough.


It is both your salvation and your ultimate despair

It is both your salvation and your ultimate despair

Your Determined Screamstress,







~Fright Dyke


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