Welcome Friends-


At least I hope you’re friends-I mean if you’re not you probably got lost looking for porn which is totally cool and by all means feel free to stay but that sort of negates the welcome shtick.

This blog’s purpose is the same as every other blog’s purpose; it is a space where it really is ALL ABOUT ME (and in some cases about you too but only if I think you’re cool enough and only if I can bring your point back around to ME).  Specifically my love of horror movies and the fact that I am a ****SPOILER ALERT**** —Dyke who happens to love horror movies.

There are some of you right now who are already thinking this little endeavor of mine is totally pointless being that those two things should not at all be at odds with each other in any way.  Knock knock….you’re wrong.

Well to qualify you’re actually right; at least you should be.

Unfortunately I’m a lesbian and we don’t live in the real world. Our logic is not the same as your earth logic. Basically the deal is; from the ridiculously small minority of us who you actually hear speak:  those of you who got lost looking for porn aren’t that far off if you find a horror movie. And as we all know the extremely vocal lesbian/feminist (not necessarily interchangeable) minority thinks that porn is bad it being degrading to women. This theory is presumably based off the experiences of the performers who have accepted payment in order to be degraded and frequently do it over and over and over again theoretically because they wake up every morning with the urge to give gender studies professors something to take the fun out of for the rest of us.

So basically according to my people’s batshit crazy talking heads I am apparently a lesbian/misogynist (more common than you would think based on similar criteria) solely because I like horror movies which are again theoretically degrading to women. I also like porn. The author wishes to inform her grandmothers, mother, father, siblings, first and second cousins and ridiculously hot girlfriend (< all of my readers) that this statement refers purely to the filmmaking techniques and aesthetic of erotic audio/visual media and not in any way to the content depicted therein.

So that’s where I stand.

Now if I gave you the whole sociopoliticosexuagendohomotransadykey schpeal on the about page that would be A) Boring even for me and B) sort of ruining the whole point of having a blog. That said and here’s the good news: mostly we’ll be talking about movies, actors, directors, screenwriters and why I think they suck/ are the best thing since the last time I told you something was the best thing. The political commentary will only come into play when it’s relevant or someone/something pisses me the f*** off. This is my pledge to you as your devoted Screamstress.

That being said you may resume your search for the ultimate girl on girl on jellyfish clip.

-Fright Dyke


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