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Top 10 Ways to Fake it When You Can’t Take it

Posted in general with tags , on June 8, 2011 by frightdyke

It’s June and all you homos know that can only mean one thing…PRIDE! That magical time of year when major cities and small towns impersonating big towns become one giant rainbow colored love fest for all things that do things to other people’s things. Grab your bedazzled utilikilt and take to the streets damn you!

Of course most major pride events don’t take place for another week or so yet…so we’re going to fright this up a bit with some horror pride.

It's a lot like regular pride but without the metric ton of glitter...

Today we’re going to be talking about how to keep your pride as a horror fan. How to become a movie house hero, never outwardly wavering even though you might have soiled yourself during the preview for the Don’t be Afraid of the Dark remake. Today you’re getting my (not so) secrets for looking like your bored when all you’re thinking about is the exact location of every light switch in your house. Today you get Fright Dyke’s TOP 10 WAYS TO FAKE IT WHEN YOU CAN’T TAKE IT-

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